Wes Olson

Group Leader, Surveillance Systems, MIT Lincoln Laboratory


Research Interests:

Air Transportation, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Flight Safety, Collision Avoidance, Air Traffic Control

Over 30 years of experience in global aviation with a focus on airborne collision avoidance, integration of unmanned aircraft systems and aviation human factors. For last 10 years served as MIT Lincoln Laboratory lead for development of airborne collision avoidance systems including TCAS and the ACAS X family of collision avoidance systems for manned, larger UAS and small UAS systems. Extensive aviation leadership experience in RTCA, ICAO and FAA rule making activities. Previously served as deputy director for operations at USAF Flight Standards Agency. USAF and FAA ATP-rated pilot flying C-21, C-5 and TG-7a aircraft. PhD in engineering psychology from the University of Illinois.

Research Clusters:


Automation, Control and Artificial Intelligence; Emerging Mobility; Air Transportation

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