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Exploratory Founding Member

The MMI is seeking a small cadre of Exploratory Founding Members
to play a key role in setting the agenda for the Initiative. Exploratory
Founding Members will work in close partnership with the Initiative’s team on key research areas. They will receive all the benefits of the Research Consortium Member, with a larger share of voice in setting and guiding research agendas.


Research Consortium Member

Research Consortia are uniquely structured to provide close interactions among member companies, faculty members, and students. Participating companies identify ‘problem statements’ and research projects to support based on resultant faculty proposals. The format allows for access to a greater number of research projects among consortium participants as well as coordination across key public and private sector stakeholders.

Affiliate Member

The Mobility Initiative is developing a portfolio on-going research projects, symposia, events & activities. Affiliate Membership allows participating companies to become familiar with and engage on the Initiative’s
on-going activities and to participate in one ongoing Research Consortium project if invited by the Initiative. This level of membership serves both as a way to keep a finger on the pulse of MIT’s groundbreaking, mobility-related research, as well as a stepping stone for deeper involvement with the Initiative.



The deepest and most extensive form of engagement with the MMI, Founding Members support next-generation mobility research, helping to drive the development of mobility technologies and innovation forward for the benefit of both industry and society. In addition to receiving extensive
access to research, faculty, and students, Founding Members instigate ‘flagship’ research projects, provide seed funding for early-stage research, & support the Institute’s Mobility Fellows.

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